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A more comfortable, shorter, safer, and easier birthing experience

with easy to learn + use techniques to educate, release fear, and self-empower


We’ve got you covered, Mama. 

Hypnobabies® is complete childbirth education course that also teaches medical-grade somnambulistic hypnosis techniques, imagery, and visualization to re-set the inner mind and expectations around birth in a very positive way.

private sessions, group classes, and workshops



“Antonetta’s presence, focus and knowledge is impressive and she is really great teacher. I felt a bit unsure about how everything would go at first because it was so new but everything fell into place almost right away. Her approachable and down to earth style was really welcoming for me and my husband and, to be honest, we were a bit sad when the class was over! We left feeling ready, confident and excited, and the birth of our baby was everything we thought it would be and more. This program works and I’m so grateful we went this route. Antonetta, you’re amazing. Thank you”

-K.J. Austin, Texas

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Your body and baby already know how to birth. 
Glow Mama is here to help you remember.




Grounded heart-centered preparation for mind, body, baby, partner.


private 1x1 


Prenatal consultations, hypnosis, timeline therapy and custom hypnosis recordings.




Deep integration + healing for pregnancy preparation, pregnancy, postpartum, & beyond.


Inclusiveness is the cornerstone of the Glow Mama mission.

We are a proud and committed ally to diverse and under-served communities because we believe everyone has the right to quality birth education.

10% of ALL purchases go into the Glow Fund which provides complete birth education to women in-need at bare minimum cost.

A central part of our mission is to "pass it on" because we rise + glow brighter together.

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A better birthing future

because we know it's possible...

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It starts with understanding what the options are,

having access to birth education, and knowing how to use the tools - all of these lead to a safer, more comfortable, and more self-empowered birth experience.

I lead Glow Mama’s birth ed services with Hypnobabies + easy-t0-use Heart-Brain syncing practices because it meets people where they are inviting and then guiding them to their own inner power - the place where literally anything IS possible.

This is the not a new approach to childbirth education, understanding our bodies, and giving birth.

Leveraging these tools gets women and their partners back in touch with the original (and medically proven ways) that bodies and babies were intended to experience birth: tuned-in, supported, and in optimal coherence.


Antonetta is truly amazing. Her kind heart and passion for her work is easily noticed. She is able to help you pin point where the issue resides and what steps are necessary to help you move passed them. I was a little nervous going into my session but her ability to help me relax and let go of my fear was nothing short of extraordinary! I am so confident in her services I have referred my closest friend and several clients to Glow Mama. The Zen Mama energy and sound integration sessions are perfect gifts for a Momma to be or postpartum Momma's too. Thank you Antonetta for your warming heart and never ending kindness.

Danielle G. Austin, TX

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This Ted Talk by Dr. Ashley Greenwald Tragash, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Certified Doula (DONA) takes you on a journey through birth education, the realities of giving birth in the U.S. today, and how many of us as birth educators + birth professionals are collectively working together with parents to shift towards a better tomorrow - for you and for all of the parents + babies yet to come.