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Antonetta’s presence, focus and knowledge is impressive and she is really great teacher. I felt a bit unsure about how everything would go at first because it was so new but everything fell into place almost right away. Her approachable and down to earth style was really welcoming for me and my husband and, to be honest, we were a bit sad when the class was over! We left feeling ready, confident and excited, and the birth of our baby was everything we thought it would be and more. This program works and I’m so grateful we went this route. Antonetta, you’re amazing. Thank you

  • K.J. ♡ Hypnobirth

Glow Mama Hypnobirth Testimonial 2

I’m so glad we chose Glow Mama! This was my second baby and I knew wanted a different experience this time around but I wanted something that felt good and could meet me where I was at. A big concern for me was some related fear and anxiety I had around another birth and it was a huge relief to know this program had a fear release component as a program cornerstone - it worked! I felt so much better going into this knowing how well qualified Antonetta is and she did not disappoint! I was able to use all of the tools I learned throughout my entire pregnancy and the way she customized everything for us was really cool - we felt READY. Even with a change of plan we felt like we had all the tools and knowledge that we needed to adjust and have a birth experience that we consider perfect. Antonetta really knows what she’s doing, and this is definitely her “thing” - we felt like she showed up every step of the way and this kept up motivated and showing up too…

  • C. T. + Baby Zane ♡ Hypnobirth

Glow Mama Hypnobirth Testimonial 3

I labored quite a bit at home and got to the hospital at 6 cm already, and within an hour at 7 cm. …My husband was amazing; even the nurses commented that he was better than many doulas they had seen. Baby was loving the labor but things got gnarly and it ended up being a change of plan but our little girl is healthy and beautiful and perfect, so there you go! Thanks for your help, Antonetta. For me a big thing was just getting over the fear and anxiety of birthing, and your course actually did wonders for that and removed all my fears, even helped to relax the days before my (10 day overdue) delivery, listening to the recordings to relax…. I feel confident for future birthing scenarios as well. Thanks for everything - now I just have to stay zen through this little girl’s crying fits! ;) 

  • A.G. + J.G. ♡ Hypnobirth

Glow Mama Hypnobirth Testimonial 6

Awesome class. We did a private class with Antonetta and she came prepared and everything was so well thought out (the snacks were really good too :) ) She’s really easy to connect with and she had everything ready for us every week which made us eager to showup and learn. She can make things that seem complicated or impossible at first really easy to understand so that we could put the scripts and tracks and practice into motion and get the most out of it right away. We were a little late to the game, but by the time we left Glow Immersion we felt totally prepared. We love how she guided the sessions; it felt very safe and from the heart.It was always a great experience and this was exactly what we needed to go in confidently. Our birth experience was really beautiful. Thanks Antonetta!! We love you!

  • Lindsay + Sara G. ♡ Hypnobirth

Glow Mama Hypnobirth Testimonial 4

I didn’t know anything about hypnosis or hypnobirth until my wife started getting into it and found Glow Mama. I wasn’t too sure about it because it seemed kind of out there, but this is our first baby so, of course, I wanted to support her. By the time Class 1 wrapped up I knew Antonetta was the real deal. We really liked her style and learned a lot. She provided the background and information I needed to fully get on board and through every class she highlighted how and where I could support my wife... That felt good to know my role and having specific things to focus on and ways to support… My wife is a rockstar, we had the best birthing experience. And, we have an amazing baby! I’m a super proud papa - this sweet girl is our whole world. Thank you, Antonetta - we are so thankful for you.

  • F.D. + S.D. ♡ Hypnobirth


Zen Session Love

Glow Mama Zen Session Testimonial 1

Antonetta is truly amazing. Her kind heart and passion for her work is easily noticed. She is able to help you pin point where the issue resides and what steps are necessary to help you move passed them. I was a little nervous going into my session but her ability to help me relax and let go of my fear was nothing short of extraordinary!

I am so confident in her services I have referred my closest friend and several clients to Glow Mama. The Zen Mama energy and sound integration sessions are perfect gifts for a Momma to be or postpartum Momma's too.

Thank you Antonetta for your warming heart and never ending kindness.

  • Danielle G. ♡ ZEN Session

Glow Mama Zen Session Testimonial 2

Antonetta is a beautiful and glowing soul. She is vivacious and a complete joy to work with! I have worked with her personally and was able to allow healing and transformation to take place because of her ability to make me feel so at ease. She has an open heart and a discerning ear with an innate wisdom. She has access to information that she allows to flow through her, that most people do not.

I have such gratitude for her the gifts she shares with all of us, and would highly recommend working with her one-on-one. So much Love!

  • Hannah C. ♡  ZEN Session

Glow Mama Zen Session Testimonial 3

Glowing is something I strive for - it doesn’t always manifest that way but it is a goal. Meeting Antonetta and having had the pleasure to have sessions with her has been a burst of inspiration because she literally glows ALL the time and when you share presence with her even if for 5 minutes she has you glowing and shining so bright, too. She is wise beyond her years and even kinder and happier than you can imagine. She is authentically gifted in so many ways and has explored and excels at various areas of healing, sound, and energy work. She takes you through a peaceful and rejuvenating meditation that you can feel at the cellular level as soon as she integrates her incredible sound healing abilities.

If you are wanting to make some deep shifts, book a few sessions with this gifted woman. I am blessed to have the experience with Antonetta and I hope you have the chance to experience pure bliss too.

  • Rachel G. ♡ ZEN Session


Glow Mama Testimonial 03


Antonetta, a Channeled Light and Reiki Master Therapist and Hypnosis/NLP practitioner, has chosen a much-needed path in which to serve our society. If you are pregnant or planning pregnancy, you really need to connect with her. Oh, what I would have given years ago to have had her program when preparing for my babies and delivering! Antonetta is deeply insightful, a dear friend, and valued practitioner. You are in the best of hands with her her.


You might imagine that sometimes it takes a village to create a multidimensional energetic container for massive, dynamic healing and this weekend’s Full Day Meditation Retreat was no exception. These lightworkers supported me in the most loving and beautiful way, while channeling healing love to the participants as well. …As I’m continuing my ascension process, the embodiment of my own I AM Presence, I find myself surrounded by these beautiful-beyond-words light beings. What an honor and a gift it is to teach/learn with you! Thank you. -January 2019

The oneness that’s always present, but not always acknowledged, was tangible yesterday at our Spring Equinox Meditation Retreat… Awakening and ascension are natural processes, but WOW - when we support that process, especially as a group. just. WOW… Thank you for your Sacred Sound Immersion support. -March 2019

We have partnered with Antonetta for two community projects this year, and she exceeded our expectations on both occasions.  She has the discipline of an Olympic gymnast and the creativity of a latte artist.  Her vision is always five steps ahead of me and spot on. I fondly refer to her as a unicorn, because her style is such a treasure, and she sprinkles a bit of magic in everything she creates.  2018-2019

  • Linda G., Community Advocate and Education Specialist

    Austin, TX

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