Antonetta Arya


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- Hypnobabies® Certified Instructor

- Hypnobabies® Hypno-doula Certified, HCHD

- Gold Seal HypnoBirthing Mongan Method® Certified (prev.)

- Certified Child Birth Educator, CBE

- Certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, C.TLT

- Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, C.NLP

- Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, C.Ht.

- Certified Meditation Guide + Reiki Master + Channeled Light Healing™

-Heart Math Institute Certified - Add Heart Facilitator™

- 15+ yrs executive-level experience in national strategic community revitalization

- 20+ yrs hands-on volunteer + advocacy work

- University of Texas - Austin

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

You have so many important decisions and choices to make during this time; thank you for considering Glow Mama Holistic + Hypnobirthing for birth education and holistic wellness as you prepare for this next chapter!  

It is in this space that I truly come most alive. And, it is also in this space that I absolutely love leveraging my full range of skills from strategic mapping to birth education to hypnosis to meditation to how the body systems work together (physical, energetic, emotional, etc.) so that the framework and information that is provided to you is meaningful, digestible, easy to understand, and, most important, effective + easy to use.

To provide some background, it was eventually through my hypnosis + holistic practice that I learned of a specialty space within the hypnosis world that focused exclusively on women and their partners as they prepared for the birth of their child - childbirth hypnosis.  The moment I heard the word "hypnobirthing" there was such an intense and visceral recognition that I KNEW without an ounce of doubt that this is what I had been seeking and what had been seeking me (yep, it was an certifiable fortune cookie meets real-life moment).  And ever since, as callings have a way of doing, I fearlessly jumped in with both feet and to this day absolutely relish being able to pour my whole-self into this practice.  

What I’ve found is that the expertise that I offer in this space is unique in that I am the only practitioner in Texas (that I know of) and one of the very few across the United States that hold independent and nationally recognized certifications in hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (these are 2 different things), women-centered childbirth education, an instructor level childbirth ed/birth hypnosis certification (like Hypnobabies or The Mongan Method), AND also have an extensive holistic background that includes certifications in meditation, energy work, and heart-brain coherence through the HeartMath Institute. Additionally, with over 15 years of professional executive experience, I used all of the opportunities and challenges of the business world to hone my own self-empowerment in ways that taught me to fully lean-in, dare greatly, and begin working with other women leaders t0 do the same which eventually led me Glow Mama - my soul’s joy my heart’s passion. At the time of my initial transition into the birth professional world, I was actually very surprised to find the U.S. maternal care industry has some uncanny parallels + similar opportunities and challenges to the world I had just left and, more so now than ever, my motto remains: we rise together. 

Glow Mama is centered around the belief that all women deserve the opportunity to have their birthing experience as confidently, comfortably, and safely as possible in a way that is both informed and respectful. That women and their partners can confidently stand in their power and be supported as they advocate for themselves, each other, and their babies - no matter the actual birthing circumstance or location. I believe that two keys to these outcomes are birth education and the holistic preparation of mind, body, and heart. So, today, it is with this intention and tremendous gratitude, joy, and passion that I stand as an ally with women preparing for their baby's birth as well as with like-minded birthing, medical, and holistic professionals who are consciously anchoring heart-centered light into this space for all of the amazing souls yet to come.

We are on a mission to do better because we know it's possible.  

I know there are so many important decisions to make during this time. And, through all of it, it is with my whole heart that I encourage you to lean-in to your intuition and choose what feels right - whether it's through the services that Glow Mama offers or elsewhere.  Only you can determine what resonates best for you - and, whatever that is, trust that it's perfect for you and your experience.  Remember that you are strong. Breathe and send love + compassion to yourself and to your baby through this journey knowing that every choice, decision and experience is being guided through unconditional love always. You can't get it wrong.  

Keep going, Mama. You can do this. So much love to you on your journey and I look forward to glowing with you soon!

love + gratitude always,


Inclusiveness is the cornerstone of the Glow Mama mission, and I am a proud and committed ally to diverse and under-served communities because I believe everyone has the right to quality birth education. 10% of ALL purchases go into the Glow Fund which provides complete birth education to women in-need at bare minimum cost. A central part of our mission is to "pass it on" because we rise + glow brighter together.