Private Sessions


Private Sessions & Birth Ed

PRENATAL GLOW Consultation (2 HRS)

NAVIGATING THE OPTIONS Investment: $111.00
Congratulations, Mama!!! It’s started - the fun, the excitement, the joyful preparation and the list goes on and on! Truth - there’s tons of information out there and if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and looking for a place to begin, this private 1x1 consultation is for you. Perhaps VBAC curious? Maybe you’re a first time mom and this is all new? Or maybe you are totally glowing with excitement and a bit low-key freaked out at the same time because well…you’ve heard things? Maybe you just want to better understand what holistic options are out there without wading through all the books and websites? Awesome! Let’s talk about it. Come with your questions, and I’ll come with everything you need to understand the basics, understand what options are out there, and provide you with lots of tools and some AMAZING resources so you can can move forward with confidence and a game plan.

We Cover:
- The 2019 birthing scene: understanding your options & the lay of the land
- Birth Plans - The why the how and best practices
- Medical Rights + communicating with care providers (doctors, midwives, nurses)
- How self-hypnosis and other holistic techniques fit into the birthing space
- Grounded Release guided meditation

- Motherboard Birth portal access ($50 value)
- Tracks & guided meditations to support you through pregnancy ($80 value)
- Resources and guides for birth preparation



  • Targeted and Custom Fear Release, Timeline Therapy, and Birth Day Preparation Hypnosis. This is a private session for one person (not a couple).

  • Minimum of 2 sessions required (first session is approx. 90 min; all others approx. 60 min)

  • Investment: $333 for 2 sessions (every additional 60 min session $150)



Glow Immersion is a private package for couples that focuses on teaching, practicing, and incorporating self-hypnosis and advanced deepening techniques into your birth plan; only key birth education will be covered. All techniques will be customized to the couple. This package is a total of 8 hours and is typically spread over 2 sessions.

Investment: $400 (total price for package per couple)

Pre-requisite: The couple must have completed a certified birth education course prior to signing up for Glow Immersion. This is an advanced and accelerated package that requires a complete birth education foundation in advance.

- Fear and anxiety release around pregnancy & birth
- Learn and practice self-hypnosis for birth + advanced deepening techniques
- Best Practices & Key Highlights: Pregnancy + Birthing
- Maternal Medical Rights
- Includes the Glow Kit (key resources, hypnosis, and meditation tracks)



  • A complete one-on-one birth education package for you and your partner or birthing companion. HypnoBirthing is recommended for the 2nd trimester & beyond (13+ wks).

  • Includes all materials provided in the group HypnoBirthing series (Includes Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing® book, Rainbow Relaxation track, birth imagery track, scripts for self-hypnosis, and course handouts) with the option to 100% customize the hypnosis work to you and your partner. Plus, time for sessions can be customized to the availability of you and your partner.

  • BONUS: Includes the Glow Kit (additional resources and extended hypnosis and meditation tracks).

  • Investment: $800.00/couple