Mama Zen Sessions

Pregnancy and Postpartum integration + heart and body nourishment


1X1 SESSION TO REPLENISH AND “BE” Investment: $111.00
This session is great for both pregnancy and postpartum integration. Through high frequency energy healing for your physical and energy body, this session helps support your experience integration and will illuminate your path for living in your highest vibration through this new chapter.

My foundation in energy healing was my Reiki Master, Channeled Light Healing™ Therapist, meditation guide, and gong sound healing training. The energies of our bodies and Earth have shifted tremendously in the past 5 years and the work I am trained to do supercedes my foundation in Reiki. Energy + Sound can integrate deeply, safely, and gently allowing your frequency to replenish for optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment.

Zen Sessions are soothing, grounding, and aligned with your highest, purest, and most benevolent self + goood and are personalized relaxing birth/integration focused meditation (seated or lying down) that includes a combination of guided meditation, heart-brain coherence, energy healing, and gong/sound immersion. This a wonderful way to integrate, harmonize, and prepare mind, body, and heart through pregnancy and in preparation for your baby’s birthday or to integrate experiences through postpartum.

Each session is 60 minutes.


ZEN SESSION PACKAGE Investment: $280.00

Bundle of three 60 minute integration sessions that includes everything listed above.