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Hypnobabies® is very successful 6 week, 3-hours per week complete childbirth education course that also teaches medical-grade somnambulistic hypnosis techniques (aka hypno-anesthesia - this is what’s used when preparing for surgery without any drugs), imagery, and visualization to re-set the inner mind and expectations around birth in a very positive way. This helps loosen and, in my cases, eliminate discomfort and fear from the birthing experience. With adequate preparation and in the absence of special circumstances, our Hypno-moms can experience more comfortable, shorter, and easier births. And, if there is an unforeseen change of plans, Hypnobabies has that covered, too! From Day 1, the Glow Mama Hypnobabies program builds in, practices, and also provides specific tools and resources that address fear release, presence, and centeredness should there be a special circumstance. O, and there is also a specific recorded self-hypnosis track and script that will be provided to have available just in case. We’ve got you covered, Mama.

Our classes also teach Dads & Partners or support members (like a doula, family member, etc) how to fully support the Hypno-Moms every step of the way through pregnancy, birth day, and postpartum. And if there’s not a partner - no problem! Hypnobabies is also used very successfully by single supermoms.

This holistic childbirth education + childbirth hypnosis program (myth busting meets keeping it real) reminds a woman how to work with her body and how to use extremely effective tools that self-activate deep relaxation which allows for self-hypnosis and “flow” into a more comfortable, safer, and empowered birthing experience.  And, as a cornerstone, couples will also be prepared with comprehensive knowledge so that they can support each other and make informed decisions with their care providers no matter the birthing circumstances. This program covers: birth education, deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, an EXCELLENT series of mp3 tracks that coordinate and align with the program, visualization, and affirmations - all packaged in an easy-to-follow, week-to-week framework for you.

Hypnobabies is recommended for the late 2nd trimester & beyond (5/6 months and beyond). The average class size is 3-6 couples and the investment is the total cost for the entire series.

ExperiencE self-hypnosis

Hypno-curious? Check out this full-length Hypnobabies “Instantly Calm” track - a free gift from Glow Mama & Hypnobabies to you!  This hypnosis session allows you to experience deep physical relaxation throughout your entire body and it will also introduce you to the Hypnobabies sound and feel. This track invites you to choose a special word that will cue you to become completely relaxed and calm in any situation from now on. You may want to pick a word (like “peace” or “present” or any other meaningful word) before starting so it’s already in your mind. Feel free to listen to this track every day in a quiet, fully supported position and learn how wonderful it is to be calm, confident, and self-assured in every way - with work, family or any situation as needed. Enjoy!


Since “Instantly Calm” is a hypnosis audio track, it has hypnotic inductions and deep relaxation suggestions on it and you should NEVER (we repeat do not) listen to this track or any hypnosis track while driving (this includes listening to it out loud while someone else is driving) or while doing anything that requires your full concentration, such as taking care of children or operating machinery.


hypnobabies includes:

6 week, 3-hours per week, complete childbirth education course that includes a Hypnobabies Workbook, education, a series of expertly designed Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks (for mom & partner), a practice script booklet, a student workbook, a quick reference booklet, a birth partner guide, a series of handouts/access to an online reference library of information, and access to online support groups with other hypno-moms.  Bonus: You will also receive the Glow Mama Glow Series® which includes webinars that cover important topics like medical rights, informed choice, a deeper lens into how hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming work in the birth space among other important highlights (over $250 value).

class options:

  • Private 1x1 Class ($500; this class if fully customized to you and provides all class content, tracks, info + exclusive extras)

  • Group Classes ($400) NOTE: no classes are open at this time // please check back July 2019

  • Virtual Option ($175 with additional Glow Mama add-on option available for $225 providing in-person 1x1 program support)

The Hypnobabies self-study (virtual) program is the only virtual childbirth education/hypnosis program (“hypnobirth”) that I can put a personal recommendation behind. The program costs about $175 and you get immediate access to the full 6-week course content, the full Hypnobabies series of mp3 tracks that align with the program, and it's 100% virtual. This is the same core content and tracks you'd get if you were in an in-person 6 week Hypnobabies class with me. This option is 100% virtual and does not include the Home Study Advantage or Glow Mama Glow Series®

Curious about the self-study option? Check out the Hypnobabies Interactive Course Demo.

$225 ADD-ON // For additional in-person and guided support: For additional support with the program, you can also separately purchase the Glow Mama Hynobabies Home Study Advantage for $225 which includes frequent check-ins with me to answer questions and help keep you on track through your program, a subscription to Motherboard Birth ($50 value), the Glow Mama Supplemental Glow Series® (which includes additional information developed by me and other current leading birth professional experts on key topics like medical rights, informed choice, a deeper lens into how hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming work in the birth space among other important highlights) and it also includes an in-person "birth day rehearsal" that we can schedule to your convenience at your home or at my office in Westlake once you near the end of the 6 week program.  This in-person walk-through simulates a "real-life" pulling together of all the tools and resources when it's "birthday time."


  • Please contact your insurance provider - childbirth education classes may be reimbursable through your plan! HypnoBirthing is a certified and complete birth education class. The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is S9436 (you may also need diagnosis code Z32.2 which specifically identifies childbirth education). Some families have also used their Flexible Spending Accounts to cover the full or partial price of this course.

  • Inclusiveness is the cornerstone of our mission, and Glow Mama is a proud and committed ally to diverse and under-served communities. 10% of ALL purchases go into a scholarship fund that will provide this service to families in-need at a low/bare minimum cost. A central part of our mission is to "pass it on" because we glow brighter together.

  • If you are 19 yrs or younger, are currently in/aged out of DFPS care, or are an educator (preK - 12) you qualify for a special rate. Please contact us directly for more information.

  • Need financial assistance or have a special circumstance? We have options. Please contact us directly for more information.



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At Glow Mama, we take this to the next level by making friends with the amygdala, releasing oxytocin+ on demand & self-empowering thru self-hypnosis & fear release. It’s the ultimate brain-body birth day hack that’s proven effective.

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